Sep 9, 2012

Unique Restaurant Concept and Design

This restaurant's name is Hospitalis. it could be because this restaurant has the same concept with the hospital. and this restaurant has opened in latvia.

eat table 300x199 unique restaurant concept and design
really strange design for a restaurant, by applying the concept of the hospital into the design of the restaurant would be more curious and wanted to try it. design of the dining table laid out like a ward and in the hospital operating table look neat and comfortable. not just a restaurant that uses the concept of the hospital, but the waiters are also dressed as doctors and nurses in hospitals.

big eat table 203x300 unique restaurant concept and design

Hum ..... if later there are the food in the form of tablets, or it could be a drink in the form of intravenous fluids. wah!!!! certainly be very interesting to visit.

waitress 300x198 unique restaurant concept and design

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